June 2nd, 2004

doc savage

The Man of Bronze

More Doc-pimping. (Although Doc, a famously upright man, would raise an eyebrow at the term.)

Here's a bit from THE MAN OF BRONZE, the first Doc Savage novel. Doc has called his five friends together to discuss the future. Meanwhile, a sniper lies in wait, ready to blow Doc away if he can just get a good shot into Doc's headquarters, which lie on the 86th floor of a prominent New York skyscraper:

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Quick Sudan links

There are a lot of underserved news stories out there. The proto-genocide going on in the Sudan right now (Sudanese Arabs with government backing targeting the Sudanese Blacks in Darfur province) is just one of them. The name of the movement is "Janjaweed." It sounds like a joke. It isn't. You can't laugh off people who run rape camps.

The New York Times's Nicholas Kristof, in his May 29 column (free registration required), addresses the topic, and notes that "Islamic leaders abroad have been particularly shameful in standing with the Sudanese government oppressors rather than with the Muslim victims in Darfur."