June 5th, 2004

pointy teeth

Writing Batgirl, Part II: ...and loses it... and finds it... and loses it...

By now, it's clear that Batgirl has not been an easy character to write. She's been a happy mute, a frustrated chatterbox, and one heck of a problem for her writers. But as of Batgirl #13, Chuck Dixon and Kelley Puckett have sussed things out. Dixon found Cass's voice, and Puckett showed how striking and effective that voice could be in dialogue. So it has to be smooth sailing from here, right?

Well, not exactly.

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Ave atque vale, RWR

President Reagan has died.

It's always sad when anyone suffers the kind of long, slow decline that marked President Reagan's twilight years, but Reagan was such an vigorous man that his disappearance into Alzheimer's was especially tragic for the contrast with his earlier vitality. Perhaps that contrast provides some consolation for his family and admirers; Rudolph Giuliani's comment to media was that it was a sad day, but also a joyous one -- because President Reagan had been gone for a long time, and people had missed him, and now they didn't have to miss him in that way anymore.

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