June 18th, 2004

lobo sam

Gun-geekery: the name is Bond. James Bond.

This is neat: a James Bond fan and gun enthusiast decided to sit down and figure out what kind of gun James Bond would use, if Ian Fleming were creating him today.

It's an interesting issue. In the books, Bond started out with a .25 Beretta; he upgraded to a .32 Walther PPK after the events of From Russia With Love. The movies were made in a different order, and the cinematic Bond makes the trade at the beginning of the first film, DR. NO. Neither caliber is really adequate for Bond's needs: the .25 is all right for sneaking up on people and shooting them in the head, but Bond seems to wind up in situations where he actually has to, y'know, aim. And the PPK, while quite concealable, lacks stopping power. So fanboy James McMahon considers the options, and makes a cool choice. The best part is that he provides some interesting history on the chosen gun's design.
lobo sam

Now *that's* fannish

Tonight I needed cheering up.

Mission accomplished.
Dagger Six: *heavy gunfire sounds in the background* Angels, we got some local color happening, a grand entrance would not go amiss!

Static: Dagger six, Angels three-six, roger.

Dragon Lady: How is he able to quote a tv show while being shot at?

Jackal: Shit just gets in your head and stays there.

(Apparently a bunch of Special Forces and support guys in Afghanistan became big fans of FIREFLY through Static's DVDs. Meanwhile, ginmar is fast becoming the Buffy-pimp of Iraq...)