July 7th, 2004


those wacky Iranians

This is potentially a huge story: on Monday, American and Iraqi troops captured two explosives-laden men on their way to set up a car bomb in Baghdad. The men were Iranians. That's not the huge story: there are lots of bombers in Iraq, and a lot of them are Iranian. The huge story is this: the men confessed to being Iranian intelligence officers.

If that's true, it's an act of war. That makes the story potentially extremely important. I've been trying to find anything that either corroborates or refutes it. The closest anyone's come is the AP, which reports that "there was no indication that the two men were Iranian agents," and doesn't mention the confession or the Fox report of it (even to call it erroneous). Even Fox has failed to post a follow-up, and has given the story almost no play. Everybody else is resolutely ignoring it. Meanwhile, the Iranians are apparently shooting across the border. The mullahs are playing some serious brinksmanship, and the American media isn't paying a bit of attention.

It's also the season for student unrest in Iran, though that's not going to get much play, either.