July 13th, 2004

archie skull

On bodybuilding, and freaks

I've always found bodybuilding an interesting sport. Not the sport for me, but interesting. Part of what makes it interesting is that the goal is aesthetic, rather than practical. This idea may seem a little strange to casual onlookers, to whom a serious bodybuilder may scarcely appear human, but there you have it. Bodybuilders work to emphasize muscle size and definition, not to build muscles that are actually useful. They can lift enormous weights for a few reps, but usually don't have much endurance or flexibility, and often aren't as strong as they look. The real key to bodybuilding is found between the ears. The sport is very demanding mentally; it requires a high tolerance for pain and a prodigious will.

So I think bodybuilding is interesting.

There's no question it's also a little scary.

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