August 5th, 2004

lobo sam

The assault weapons ban and sex toys have more in common than you think

Via vvalkyri a while back, I found a quote on the decision permitting the Alabama legislature to outlaw sales of sex toys that struck me:
So, in Alabama, it is currently legal to sell a Bushmaster sniper rifle, and as soon as the assault weapons ban ends in September it will be OK to sell an AK-47 or Uzi, but you would be guilty of a crime if you sell a vibrator to a consenting adult. I mean, if there were even one case of someone using a dildo to hold up a bank, at least there'd be some logic to the whole matter.

The reason it struck me is that it made me realize, again, how little most folks understand about how gun laws work, and about the gun laws we do have. The assault weapons ban being a case in point. So I figure a very brief explanation from your friendly neighborhood gun nut might be in order.

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