August 12th, 2004

cass groovy

Well, that was exciting

So, I go up to Jacksonville to do some hoop-jumping stuff related to some upcoming work. While on the way back, massive rain doth begin. After getting my attention with an honest-to-goodness Emergency Broadcast System bleep, the radio informs me that a tornado warning is in effect for the region -- yes, that's warning. Cops spotted a tornado forming, and radar confirmed its presence and movement. The tornado was along state road 301, between the towns of Lawtey and Starke.

Guess where I was?

(I didn't see any tornado. It rained like crazy, though.)
archie skull

Political fanfic

johnxjohn may be going strong, but John Kerry fanfic is now officially bipartisan. (For an explanation, see this Mark Steyn op-ed.)

Not being a slasher, my preferred satirefic is the ongoing "In My World" series by Frank J. Frank's a conservative, but in his stories President Bush is a cheerful moron, Condi Rice is a supervillain-in-waiting, Karl Rove manifests from the shadows ala Emperor Palpatine, and Donald Rumsfeld's press conferences are even more... well, Rumsfeldian:
Rumsfeld smashed the reporter's head into the podium. "That's your head being smashed against wood," he said. Rumsfeld then slammed the reporter’s head through a window, breaking the glass. "And that's your head hitting against glass. Do you feel the difference?"

"Yes," the reporter said weakly.

"Let's continue to drive this point home," Rumsfeld said. He smacked the reporter into the brick wall. "That's your head against brick." He grabbed another reporter and slammed both their heads together. "That's skull against skull. Feel the difference?"

"I don't feel much of anything anymore."

Rumsfeld dropped his victim. "Then I think I'm finished making my point. See, while all those things seemed similar in that your head was getting smashed against something, they were different too. In the same way, Iraq is different than Vietnam, but it was an interesting analogy you tried to make. Any other questions?"

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