August 16th, 2004

cass groovy

Memories are made of this

Yes, memories are now working. Click on the memories icon in my userinfo and you'll see fic, recs, meta, and gun-geekery (including my .500 Magnum shooting report). Have to start doing more recs one of these days. More fic may be found via the link to my site. Plus my friendslist...
cass groovy

Obligatory Olympics post

Via gun-blogger Say Uncle, I note that some photographers assigned to cover the Olympics seem to be taking an interesting angle in their detailed coverage. Of course, full documentation is an impossible ideal, but they are doing a good job of providing fine specimens of local color. It's hard work for all concerned: some photographers are seeing double, and the athletes are striving to one-up each other.

(I have searched diligently for a good photograph of Maria Yaina's features, with no luck. I did turn up a blurry shot of her in action, here.)

(Update: Ms. Yaina is a woman of mystery! Gorgeous eyes, though.)