August 23rd, 2004

cass groovy

Getting oriented

The orientation for new employees was today, which meant I got to sit in a lecture hall and have lots of folks give me spiels about the new job. I apparently am a member of a union now, which is a little startling. I didn't ask to be in a union, didn't really give it any thought, and here I am unionized. I hope that doesn't mean they'll be taking money out of my paycheck and doing mysterious things with it. (The really bad news: I don't get paid until the 10th. Yes, my new salary is close to double my last one -- not hard, when your last job was "struggling grad student" -- but, to quote Gov. Dean, "Yearrrgggh.")

Interesting to note: my roommates (D., D., and D. -- yes, confusing) are all just out of the Navy. D2 worked on an aircraft carrier deck in Operations Enduring Freedom (which I still think should have been called "Operation Keg of Whup Ass") and Iraqi Freedom ("Operation Hey, Iran, You've Got American Troops on Both Sides Now -- Funny How That Worked Out, Huh?"), and has many stories of adventure, comedy, and near-death in the midst of bureaucracy. Statistically speaking, the deck of an aircraft carrier is probably the most dangerous real estate in the world per square foot. I guess that's one way to get a lot of stories.

(Second-most dangerous? Easy. Any Harold's Chicken Shack on the South side of Chicago. If the neighborhood gangbangers don't get you, the chicken will.)