August 27th, 2004

cass groovy

Catwoman 34, and War Games

Got a few comics today -- I'm not going to buy all of the Batfolks' "War Games" storyline, because, well, good grief. But I did get a few. They vary in quality (Devin Grayson has lost me utterly on Nightwing), but overall this storyline promises to be very cool. I especially liked Catwoman 34, with the Steph-Selina bit. (Wondered why Matches Malone had appeared in Catwoman recently; now I know. And am pleased.)

One thing did bug me. I've written before about the infuriating tendency of DC's writers to portray Leslie Thompkins's pacifism as evidence of her moral superiority to everyone else. Which it isn't. I like the fact that in her coffee scene with Selina, Leslie unwittingly is more correct than she knows about the roots of the gang war when she suggests Batman et al. are culpable -- but that isn't the thrust of the scene. It goes on into Leslie's mindlessly pacifist spiel: "How could I have failed that child so badly, that he would think violence ever accomplishes anything positive?"

Leslie says that to Selina Kyle.

Who, like everybody else when Leslie gets on this kick, doesn't contradict her.

Now, if Selina had known about how the war started (he said vaguely, to avoid spoilers), then there'd be a reason for her not to speak up, because she'd not want to tip Leslie off on something that Leslie didn't really know. But she didn't. And regardless of the regard in which she holds Leslie, this is Selina Kyle, who just shut down some killers by crashing their car and breaking one's bones. Selina Kyle, who (in one version, anyway) turned her life (and Holly's) around by decking her pimp. Selina Kyle, who has used violence for adventure, romance, and profit, making her life a hell of a lot better along the way.

But she lets Leslie get away with her crap, too.

I just wish somebody would say, "Hey, Leslie -- I respect you, and I love you, but you're really, really wrong."


(Also, is it me or is The Flash just insanely underrated for how good it is right now?)