August 30th, 2004

cass groovy

JLU and other stuff

I keep missing JLU. This bugs me. Some of my friends hate it, some enjoy it, some shrug. And I keep forgetting it's on.

Caught Collateral (Tom Cruise and Jamie Fox in a Michael Mann flick) and Riding Giants (surfing documentary) this weekend -- Mann has done better, but his action sequences are always good. He's one of the few Hollywood types who knows his guns; Mann is a graduate of Thunder Ranch, and does a very good job of making his film gunplay exciting and believable. (Heat isn't his best movie, but the rifle fight contained therein is one of the best cinematic gunfights ever. The Way of the Gun is another flawed movie with great moments and excellent gunplay; I think that film would have been much improved if all the actors had just spoken their dialogue a lot faster.)

Riding Giants is a very good documentary abour something I've never done. It did a decent job of helping me to appreciate surfing, and the accomplishments of some of its pioneers. And there's footage that's downright frightening, but thrilling. Definitely worth a look, if you like independent film.
unfair to batgirl

REC: Harvey Dent, and "Duplicity"

cmar_wingnut has an interesting AU Batverse series going. Sure, cmar's using a combination of Golden and Silver Age characters -- you don't see Kathy Kane turn up in many fanfics these days -- but that's not the main AU. The initial question is, "What if Bruce Wayne hadn't been at the circus when Dick's parents died?" (They do partner up, but it makes for an interesting dynamic.)

The whole series is here, but the main reason I'm posting a rec is "Duplicity," a story in that series involving the origin of Two-Face. It's got some really excellent stuff there, particularly in Harvey's head.

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Hines sez: if you want some good Two-Face fic, check it out.