September 5th, 2004

lobo sam

Guns: what not to do

Also known as, two of my worlds collide! From the AP:
BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Monroe County Coroner David Toumey was hospitalized with a leg wound after accidentally shooting himself while trying to demonstrate gun safety.

Toumey told The Herald-Times for a story published today that he was demonstrating gun safety to some people at a Lake Monroe boat ramp about 11 p.m. Wednesday when he accidentally shot himself.

He said that as he checked to make sure his weapon was unloaded, the gun discharged, and a bullet struck him in his left leg.

"It's an unfortunate accident," Toumey said. "I've always been very, very safe."

Guns don't just discharge by magic. Here's what happened: this guy had his finger on the trigger when he racked his slide, in violation of the basic rules of firearms safety.

Trivia note: a coroner is not the same thing as a medical examiner. MEs are doctors; a coroner is an elected official, and doesn't necessarily have any medical training. Or knowledge of gun safety, apparently.