October 1st, 2004

cass groovy

It's done

So I finally finished up the old apartment. Yay! And next weekend is going to be spent exploring around town. Actually, my weekend is going to be Monday and Tuesday, but there you go.
cass groovy

An important discovery has been made

It turns out that many lines from Star Wars (Episodes IV, V, and VI) can be fitted into Lord of the Rings if shoved hard enough.
FARAMIR: (watching Mt Doom explode) I'm sure Aragorn wasn't on that thing when it blew.
EOWYN: He wasn't. I can feel it.
FARAMIR: You love him, don't you?
FARAMIR: All right. I understand. Fine. When he comes back, I won't
get in the way.
EOWYN: Oh. No, it's not like that at all. He's betrothed to an Elf.
FARAMIR:...oh...oh! *clears throat* Then I tell you, Eowyn of Rohan, that you are beautiful...