November 1st, 2004

cass groovy


Am extraordinarily tempted to put together an election-eve post, despite no-politics rule. Instead, I think I'll go do some volunteer work for my guy.

Tried to vote yesterday, but the line was too long (there are, I think, four polling places set up for early votes); I may just hit my precinct tomorrow. I'm working tomorrow night, which SUCKS, because I want to be in front of cable news mainlining election coverage like grade-A crack.
lobo sam

OK, so I will give you some political funnies

Frank J. of IMAO notoriety has been experimenting with the audio soundbite recently, in the form of skits and campaign commercials.

President Bush does career day.
This is very close to a real campaign ad -- one that, living in a battleground state, I've heard NINE MILLION TIMES.

Also, the Daily Recycler put this video and this video together, added a dash of Blues Brothers, and made a campaign commercial.