November 27th, 2004

cass groovy

Manly, manly things

So, I'm building furniture.

I was putting this off until I had a power drill. My mother (the sneak!) bought me a power drill as a present while she was in town, thus removing my excuse for further procrastination. So today I went out and bought lumber. The folks at Home Depot were good enough to cut it for me; they were about out of MDF, so I decided I'd check back on Monday after they get a new shipment in, as it's about half the cost of plywood. But I can build the basic frame.

Oh, yeah. I'm building a bed. Actually, a combination bed/desk. Loft bed atop, desk below, maybe a bookcase on one end if I can figure out how to shoehorn it in. Most of the work should be done tomorrow.
cass groovy

Comics thoughts

We've seen some discussion on the 'why' of War Games and the aftermath that's seen some characers dead, some estranged, and others (Robin, Batgirl, the Birds, the under-used Jim Gordon) leaving Gotham. Some speculation has focused on corporate motives -- i.e., scaling things down in Gotham to exploit whatever interest comes out of the upcoming film "Batman Begins" without confusing potential new readers with a surfeit of characters. Others have wondered if maybe the sheer number of strong women in the Batverse was making execs nervous. I think the former may have been a partial consideration, and am more doubtful about the latter. From a story point, however, I think there's a problem that the recent shuffles really solves.

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