December 10th, 2004

unfair to batgirl


So some folks got an early look at IC7, and now the spoilers are out there. They're responsibly protected and all of that. Very good. Except the farking book's not out till Wednesday, and some dunce is bound to not be responsible now. Which means I have to be hyperparanoid for, like, the next five days.

Would it have killed you to wait until, like, SUNDAY? MAYBE? JEEZUS.
cass groovy

Slam Bradley, in a lonely place

There's a curious moment in Catwoman #37 (written by Ed Brubaker, his last issue on the title, alas). Selina Kyle's friends have thrown her a surprise birthday party. Slam Bradley, an aging PI who carries a painful torch for Selina, winds up on the roof with Selina's friend Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Leslie exits gracefully, letting Selina and Slam have a few minutes alone. Before she does, though, we get a snippet of conversation:

SLAM. " -- like that Bogart movie, In a Lonely Place, y'know?"
LESLIE. "Oh, please, Slam. It's never been like that between you two."
SLAM. "No, but in my head, in my heart, sometimes, I just don't know..."

It's a little exchange, but it's striking. Because that's a really weird thing for Slam to say.

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