January 31st, 2005

lobo sam

oh, and...

I purchased the complete first season of Sledge Hammer! on DVD.

...wow. I *so* had forgotten how great the show was. And you'd think I'd remember, being as it's about a man who talks to his gun. And sleeps with it. And tells it, on waking up, "I dreamed about you last night." If anything, it's even funnier now; the show is set in San Francisco, and it's hysterical to imagine a hard-hard-Right cop like Sledge trying to cope with life in today's very unconservative San Francisco.

Interesting note: gun nuts *love* Sledge Hammer. The character and the show. I think it's because we're secure enough in our insanity to laugh at ourselves. And, y'know, we actually root for the guy. We probably aren't alone. According to the supplemental materials, the show had to do location shooting around the courthouse occasionally, and when the *real* cops there saw David Rasche in character, they were known to break into applause.