August 16th, 2005

unfair to batgirl

Some thoughts on nearly-naked guys

So, there's currently some discussion on comics costuming. Namely, how women tend to go around in really skimpy outfits, whereas most of the guys wear (albeit, tight) head-to-toe covering.

The obvious has been discussed and argued over: the comics fanboys like cheesecake, and the (male) artists like drawing it. They don't care as much for looking at guys. Screw practicality: titties sell!

There's a hell of a lot of truth to this. Still, I don't think it explains everything. There's not just an abundance of scantily-clad women; there's a corresponding dearth of scantily-clad men. And I don't think that dearth is explained just by the fact that artists and fanboys don't like scantily-clad guys.

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