September 14th, 2005


David the Veronica Mars newbie

Courtesy of hjcallipygian, I've caught up on the first season of VERONICA MARS. An interesting show. Not Rob Thomas's best (that would be CUPID), but quite watchable and with some really good bits. I did realize, watching it, that I think standalone episodes make for much better television than I'd given them credit for. Obviously, you don't want logical consequences ignored, but I think I've come to prefer the self-contained story format in my old age.

Casting, though, is pretty good. Best actor on the series is Jason Dohring, who combines the perfect amount of smarm and nastiness in his role as Logan Echolls, but lead actress Kristen Bell is very good (and I'm also fond of Tina Majorino, who plays Mac). The show also gets major points with me for casting Corinne Bohrer as Veronica's mom; I've been fond of Bohrer since she was getting cast in Kristen Bell's kind of roles, and I always cheer up when I see that she keeps getting work.

Pointers to discussion/reviews/fic recs appreciated; now that I've actually seen the show, I'm curious to see what the fandom's like.

(Also, maybe VM fans can answer a question that's been bugging me. Lisa Rinna's upper lip: what the hell?!?)