May 5th, 2006


This is not Howard Dean's week

Oh, that's nice:

Democratic Party Chair Howard Dean fired the party's gay outreach adviser Donald Hitchcock on May 2 less than a week after Hitchcock's domestic partner, Paul Yandura, a longtime party activist, accused Dean of failing to take adequate steps to defend gay rights.

But hey, half my family was in favor of Dean's presidential bid. Even if primary voters didn't agree the guy was presidential timber, he couldn't be so clumsy as to say something incredibly nonsensical and condescending when he's addressing a dependable voting bloc. Right?

“I was recently asked about the difference between the Democratic and Republican parties,” Dean said. “When it comes right down to it, the essential difference is that the Democrats fundamentally believe it is important to make sure that American Jews feel comfortable being American Jews.”


DEAN. "Hey! Jews! You feel comfortable?"
JEWS. "Um, yeah, man. We're good."
DEAN. "And that's what makes us different from the Republicans!"
GAYS. "...hey, man, if you're getting stuff, we could use a couple beers over here."
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sledge hammer!

This icon is pretty appropriate.

Via guns, a harrowing story of a nearly fatal firearms mishap -- from the innocent guy on the receiving end.
My neighbor accidentally put a .44 Magnum round though my wall. It missed my head by three inches. It started in his bathroom, went through the mirror, went through the closet on the other side, blew through that closet door, traveled across his hallway, blew through our common wall, richocheted upward off my computer desk, and lodged in the doorframe.

The narrator is familiar with guns, and there are pictures.

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