January 16th, 2007

unfair to batgirl

even Mexican superheroes come across the border

via BoingBoing, an art photo series that depicts illegal immigrants to the US from Mexico wearing superhero costumes, on the grounds that Mexicans illegally in the states basically keep the Mexican economy afloat by sending home more money than the country makes in tourist dollars.

As you might expect, it's not exactly subtle, but some of the photos are pretty good; the best shots are Green Lantern (Roman Romero, night watchman) and The Flash (Alvaro Cruz, cook), though Aquaman (Juventino Rosas, fish cleaner) is pretty funny just because it's Aquaman. For metatextual reasons, though, I'm fond of this one, of José Rosendo de Jesús, who works in New York as a union organizer (!). He's billed as "The Saint." Except -- oh, no, wait, he's not "The Saint," he's EL SANTO, the most iconic luchadore of ALL FRIGGING TIME. Wrestler, film star, restauranteur, god among men, Mexican cultural hero. Dunno if they've made comics about him, but if they have I wouldn't be surprised. (ETA: They have. I'm not surprised.) EL SANTO, guys. Get it right.

(I just find it amazingly funny that this whole portrait series is conceived and undertaken to show solidarity with Mexicans working illegally in the states -- and then misbills Mexico's most famous superhero! Way to show you're hip'n'with it, daddy-o.)

(And for sharpest_rose: what does Ernesto Mendez, the guy dressed up as Robin, do? Guess.)