February 5th, 2007

cass groovy

super bowl, not so yay

This Super Bowl was fun, but not quite as much fun as I was hoping. You see, I did undergrad at the University of Chicago, and I'm a doctoral student at the University of Florida, which produced Rex Grossman. I thus had a moral imperative: I had to root for Da Bears. And drink a lot of beer while doing so. That is, a lot for me, which means, um, one pitcher plus a pint. But I had a gin and tonic and a rum and coke later! ...which still isn't a huge amount, I know, but my tolerance is pretty low these days.

What a heartbreak. The Bears started with that glorious runback, then took another early score, and then it was all downhill. *sniffle* The pouring rain made it a lot of fun to watch, with the ball squirting around like a pumpkin seed. Back-to-back turnovers, not once, but *twice.* Even worse: watching it on a Canadian station, I missed the vast majority of the Super Bowl commercials. Ah, well -- at least now we have YouTube!

Congrats to the Colts. The bastards.

MEME: kick-ass opening titles

One curse of our modern age is the relative lack of opening title sequences on TV shows. Or at least cool opening title sequences. They just aren't around as much any more. Sometimes this has to do with the lack of running time, especially on cable or smaller networks, but not always. Look at the UK, where lengthy running time and concomitant show-padding abound, and what do you see? DOCTOR WHO has an awesome opening theme, sure -- but TORCHWOOD doesn't. (Unless you count five seconds of people whispering "Torchwood!" as a theme. I don't, and am annoyed by it because it's just long enough to be irritating but not long enough to fast-forward through.)

I love opening titles on TV shows. I grew up with 'em. And there's nothing that catches your attention -- or your memories -- like a great TV theme. When it works with the show, there's nothing better.

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