February 7th, 2007

pointy teeth

random thoughts on ROME

I was watching ROME the other night with a friend, and he said, "Y'know what? Pullo and Vorenus kind of have a Mel Gibson-Danny Glover-LETHAL WEAPON thing going on."

I said, "Yeah, and they keep switching which one is which."

(Vorenus is Riggs at the moment, while Pullo is Murtaugh. End of last season, though, it was the other way round.)

On an somewhat related note, I really wish Hollywood would get off its butt and film Bujold's THE WARRIOR APPRENTICE, because Ray Stevenson (ROME's Titus Pullo) is *perfect* for Bothari. (For a long time, I'd always envisioned Richard Moll in the part, but Moll's voice never sounded quite right to me somehow. Stevenson would be perfect.) And okay, Peter Dinklage is really too old to play Miles, but Miles looks older than he is, and Dinklage is frigging amazing.

On a recent reread, I realized how difficult the book would be to film. That's probably a big part of what's kept it offscreen. It's a hard story to break: most of the book is dedicated to the set-up. Miles doesn't wind up in charge of the Dendarii mercenaries for a good long time, and his recruitment of Baz and Arde makes for slightly repetitive scenes. Once he gets in charge, he doesn't have a defined agenda, really, he's sort of treading water. It's great character stuff, but dramatizing it with high tension would be difficult -- and then you need to deliver the exposition on Vorlopoulous's Law. I love THE WARRIOR'S APPRENTICE, but its merits are more difficult to translate cinematically than, say, THE VOR GAME.