May 19th, 2007

cass groovy

work proceeds apace

I have been having a reasonably productive period at Ma's; I've fixed a gate, torn down some old fencing, cleaned a gutter or two, climbed around on a roof, trimmed branches, and lugged junk. Still have more work to do, so I'll be hanging around a bit longer than expected. Soon I'll be heading back to work on the dissertation, so a little of physical labor is a good thing. Also got a new tire for my car, because one of the old ones fell completely to pieces while driving along the highway. It didn't deflate, and I pulled over fine, but it was a very unnerving experience.

I did get to see the girls, and their family, and that was very nice. We shared stories and played on the swingset, and the oldest mainlined BONE in about three days.