May 29th, 2007

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Paul Kirchner on Larry McMurtry

A while back I was on Amazon looking for a book by Paul Kirchner, who illustrated many of the books by the late Col. Jeff Cooper and who has written some fine works on his own. More on Kirchner's own work anon, but while poking around Amazon I found that Kirchner had written an Amazon review or two. Naturally, I checked his stuff out. One of his reviews was for Larry McMurtry's LONESOME DOVE. It included his meditation on what he felt McMurtry's themes were ("near as I could analyze it"), and I was so struck by the things he listed that I emailed them to myself.

Here is Paul Kirchner's interpretation of the themes of McMurtry:

1. Some people are competent, some can at least follow orders, some aren't much use at all and some positively need to be shot.

2. When you think you're on a mission you're usually just wandering around aimlessly.

3. Life may be by turns tedious, absurd, or cruel, but try to look at it as a learning experience.

4. Two ways to waste your life are looking for love where there is none and failing to recognize it when it is right in front of you.

5. Skill and determination count for something, but Fate wins every time.

I don't know about their applicability to McMurtry, but they seem pretty applicable to life to me.
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your dose of utter adorableness for the day

Andy Runton, who writes and draws the wonderful OWLY stories, has a page on his website dedicated to his convention sketches and commission art. These are wonderful, because one of the recurring themes is folks asking him to draw Owly and his friends dressing up as other characters. INCREDIBLY ADORABLE, people. They fade in with web mojo, so I can't readily direct-link you to especially adorable images; just click around.

Note to self: arrange to meet Runton at convention, and wrangle Owly and Wormy as Tintin and Captain Haddock. Or possibly Owly as Doc Savage, Wormy as Ham, and Scrappy as Monk. Or patriotic Lexington-and-Concord Minuteman Owly, with musket!

Second note to self: Runton and Owly managed to make *the Punisher* cute (Owly totes a water gun). Avoid temptation to challenge Runton on this. Because you can get really crazy with this, AND HE MIGHT SAY YES. "Big fan, Andy. Listen, could you do a Venom Owly? With Wormy as Carnage?" "Hi. I'd really like a Witchblade Owly, please." "I had this dream where Owly crossed over with Jim Balent's TAROT; could you possibly..."

(There is one of Owly and Wormy as Cable. In the style of Rob Liefield. It is AWESOME.)