June 4th, 2007

archie skull

back to work, and John Moore's novels

Much progress made on basement and yard. I think some stuff will have to wait for my next visit, but it's still a good start. Still have plenty to do, but we'll see what I can get done while I'm here.

The latest John Moore book, A FATE WORSE THAN DRAGONS, is out. And it's terrific. No surprise there. My favorite book of his is still THE UNHANDSOME PRINCE, but lemme tell you: if you are not reading his books, then you are missing out. Moore writes about wonderfully fractured fairy-tale kingdoms, mainly comic adventure romps with a little adult humor to give them spice. Think the "good parts" version of THE PRINCESS BRIDE, only with a couple of things you'd skip over when reading them to the kids because, well, they're too young.

Below the cut, an excerpt from A FATE WORSE THAN DRAGONS.

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