July 9th, 2007

wonder woman

dear Congressman Ellison: shut up.

Hey, remember Keith Ellison? Freshman Congressman; if you've heard of him, it's because he became the first Muslim elected to Congress a while back. There was that kerfuffle when some asshole got grumpy about him being sworn in on the Koran, which didn't bother most people on either side of the aisle and wound up evaporating in a political masterstroke when Ellison arranged with the Library of Congress to be sworn in on not just the Koran, but on Thomas Jefferson's personal copy. Well-played. I had reservations about Ellison himself, but hey, we elected a Muslim congressman while we're at war with folks espousing the radical branch of that faith, and that's gotta give you a warm fuzzy, right?

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cass groovy

and in happier news

Yesterday was my birthday, and I played it pretty low-key. But when I went to go to bed, I found a box in my bed. It was a mysterious chest. I opened it.

And there was a happy little box with a face and arms, who promised joy and wonder and adventure.

Denise and Ash connived to give me my very own sculpy-formed Rubik, the Amazing Cube.

He is magical, wonderful, and lovable. Pictures forthcoming!