November 5th, 2007

spidey and mj

fic: "Pieces of the Dead" (Transformers 2007; PG)

Title: "Pieces of the Dead"
Author: David Hines / hradzka
Dedication: for Marjorie M. Liu, aka webpetals, who loves Optimus so.
Author's Note: This story operates in TRANSFORMERS movie continuity with some tips of the hat to other formats. Thanks to brown_betty for a terrific beta.
Summary: Sam and Optimus take a road trip.

It was a great day for a drive -- warm, sunny, a breeze that you could tell was from the ocean because there was the faintest smell of salt, and tons of roads around the old military base just waiting to be explored. If, that is, you had a car.

Sam Witwicky had one. At least, he'd thought he did.

Bumblebee didn't show at the time they'd arranged, so Sam waited. There was a perfectly good tree to sit under, and there was a good view from the overlook. And he didn't have anywhere else to be. As far as his parents knew, he had a summer internship, and Sam guessed he sort of did. There wasn't a lot of money to it, but he was basically getting paid to hang out with a bunch of alien robots and his girlfriend.

As the sun began its long orange slide from the sky, he realized he hadn't seen Mikaela, either.

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