November 21st, 2007

pointy teeth

The Jack and Te ramp drive: WE DID IT.


And by "we," I mean YOU.

We have MET and EXCEEDED the goal. The Amazon account is standing at $3,154, and Betty got 89.11 through Paypal, from folks who didn't have credit cards, for a total of $3,243.11. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who donated, everyone who pimped the fundraiser, everyone who cheered us on. I just broke the news to Te, who is overwhelmed. Look for her voice post tomorrow; I'll link it.

Te and Jack will have a ramp. I'm officially calling the fundraiser over; we'll let you know how things go, and hope to have the ramp built as soon as humanly possible. I'll be posting the receipts from the contractor, and any overages will go to charity to help disabled folks deal with situations like this.

Thank you. All of you.

The Jack and Te ramp drive -- OMG WE DID IT

ETA, November 26: The ramp project is on hold for an indefinite period. Refunds are being issued. Details here.

ETA, November 21: OMG YOU GUYS WE DID IT. Fundraiser over, officially a success! See below for the timeline.

Original post begins here: You all know Jack (buggery) and Te (thete1), right? Okay, they've been offline for a while, but if you're familiar with DCU fandom online you know who they are, and even if you're not, if you've been reading fanfic for a while odds are you know who Te is.

They're moving into a new apartment. Or, at least, they're trying to. The new place is great, perfect for their needs, and amenable to their gummint benefits. But here's the catch: it's not wheelchair accessible. Yet.

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