November 24th, 2007

cass groovy

Thanks again, and unrelated request for advice

Thanks again to everyone who donated to the ramp drive (and those who haven't received ficlets, don't worry! I'll be on those shortly). Te's (in-character) voice post is here -- so, if you've ever wanted to be thanked by Brucie and the cartoonverse Tim, mission accomplished! As they say, "Happiest Thanksgiving ever."

I have a post about what I'm thankful for (other than, for obvious reasons, fandom), but I'm having an *incredibly* annoying time with it -- it's a videoblog post, and it's ready to go, but for some reason YouTube and Google Video are both mangling the translation of the .mov file. And when I say mangling I mean 1) major sync problems and 2) sections of dropped video. It looks perfectly fine in Quicktime, so I don't know why those sites are barfing so hard. I'll try a few other things, but don't know if they'll work out. In the meantime, I'd appreciate advice from anybody with vid fu. I'm working in iMovie, and YouTube and Google seem to be having the worst problems with those sections of the video that have separated audio and video tracks. (I'm playing audio while displaying a video of corresponding duration generated from a still image, and the flash translation ignores the still and plays instead a freeze-frame of the last shot on the previous section of video. This is exceptionally annoying, especially for anybody who watches it, because instead of the still I'd planned you get a shot of... well, my dorky mug, only in freeze-frame and thus looking even dorkier than usual).

Seriously, any advice is appreciated.

Amazon's Kindle

So, let me get this straight.

Amazon has come out with a device that holds a large number of books, has a glare-free e-ink screen, lets you read websites, has batteries that last for ages, and gives you instant encyclopedia access pretty much anywhere.

I am not buying one until they stamp the words "Don't Panic" in large friendly letters on the cover.

(I feel somewhat ahead of the curve here, as when I bought a Handspring Visor about eight years ago the main thing I used it for was reading. I had a train commute, and I downloaded books from Project Gutenberg, put 'em on my Visor, and read happily all the way to and from work. The downside: small type, but I never had a problem with it, and the screen was readable enough. I read a hell of a lot onscreen, but in all honesty I won't get a dedicated e-book reader, even Amazon's -- their prices are too high for objects that don't have to be published, packed, or shipped, and I like knowing that I keep a hardcopy version that'll be preserved even if goes out of business. While the Kindle has some nice features, an ebook reader just doesn't make sense for me unless it does one thing the Kindle doesn't: FIT IN MY POCKET. I like not having to carry a knapsack everywhere, and while the Kindle does a lot of stuff, fitting into a pocket ain't one of 'em.)