December 21st, 2007


Dortmunder rules

If folks have time and are capable of doing challenge stuff well and speedily (I, alas, am not in that category), the Yuletide Treats pinch-hit/stocking stuffers have some awesome requests in there. There's one person requesting Dortmunder fic, people. DORTMUNDER.

I am a HUGE Donald E. Westlake fan. Little-known fact, but true. Dortmunder, his thieving hero of many comic crime capers, is my icon. If you've never read it, think of it as Discworldian crime novels, and you'll sort of be on target. Westlake is a brilliant writer who can do anything wonderfully -- he's written several thriller masterpieces, and he wrote the screenplay for the scary-as-hell THE STEPFATHER, Terry O'Quinn's breakout film. But Dortmunder is his long-time hero, and... yeah, just the fact that somebody is asking for it is awesome.

Incidentally: Dortmunder's adventures have been filmed a couple of times; Robert Redford played him in THE HOT ROCK -- an adaptation of arguably the best Dortmunder novel -- and Martin Lawrence (!) played the Dortmunder role in an adaptation of WHAT'S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN, a great novel that turned out famously bad on film; they even changed the Dortmunder name, so you can guess how Westlake fans reacted to that. But I would love to see more Dortmunder pictures, and if they make 'em, my pick for Dortmunder is Morgan Freeman. A bit against type for him, but when I read the book's I hear Freeman's voice. (I would also *love* to see Freeman do a remake of HARVEY, the wonderful James Stewart picture. He'd be a fabulous Elwood P. Dowd.)