July 8th, 2008

sledge hammer!

POLL: David's next gun!

So, I've got a decent paycheck or two on the way for a job I just finished the field part of. And it's my birthday, and I'm contemplating a present for myself. So it's that time again -- I need a new gun!

But I need your help.

Like a lot of gun nuts, I'm a little nervous about what happens after November. The Supreme Court's recent ruling, in which all the justices -- even the dissenters(!) -- recognized the Second Amendment as an individual right, is nice, but it's not like I can go out and marry a Browning Automatic Rifle; there has to be a legal framework for this stuff, and lawmakers and the courts will be hashing it out for a while. The Court gave lawmakers a bit of latitude, so there's still room for some forms of anti-gun legislation. Most of which, alas, doesn't inconvenience criminals, but is a pain in the tuchis for law-abiding gun nuts like yours truly. That means planning ahead for the fall, which looks good for the Democrats. The good news, if you're a gun geek, is that many lawmakers on the Dem side these days are pro-gun or just don't think gun bans are a winner; the bad news for us is that some folks, in office and out of it, are laying groundwork for future anti-gun legislation. Which means, unfortunately for my wallet, BUY NOW.

I'm focusing on weapons likely to be affected by future legislation. That means rifles. Specifically 1) the .50 BMG and 2) scary-looking semi-automatic rifles that take big-ass magazines. I think I've got it pretty much whittled down to the following two items.

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