October 8th, 2008

303 british

now I know what heaven looks like

via FARK: Jesus FUCK.

It's fashionable, especially in times of economic difficulty, to curse the rich: money accretes, like a snowball, especially when you have enough of it to roll on its own; and so the rich (especially the stupidly rich) get ever richer and the rest of us go on waiting for the light, or going without the meat, or cursing the bread, as the man says, and sometimes it's a struggle just to swim a little bit along. And it gets even worse when they do stupid, pointless, even destructive things with their glorious wealth; the cultural damage caused by Paris Hilton alone is incalculable, enough to make even the most hidebound conservative feel a little wistful about the French Revolution.

And yet -- I frigging *love* stupidly rich people. Because the more they have, and the more of them there are, the better the chance that at least a few of them will, from time to time, do something insanely awesome. Like decide to start a private space program. Or say, "yeah, it's costing the company at least a million dollars a day just in bandwidth costs, but this YouTube thing is neat; let's keep it running for a while." Or just build a private library.

Jay Walker, I salute you.