November 16th, 2008


more on getting Zumboed

A few days back, I discussed "getting Zumboed", which is the term gun geeks use for "so outraging the community of one's customers that the backlash jeopardizes one's livelihood." The term, if you missed that post, is for Jim Zumbo, an outdoor columnist who took such umbrage to the AR-15 that he described it as a "terrorist rifle" in a blog post. That rather upset a demographic that advertisers find desirable: an AR-15 is not an inexpensive piece of hardware; it's not unusual for people to have fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars invested in their ARs. People who shoot in competition, with ARs they've built to be highly accurate match rifles, can have considerably more than that. It's a sizable investment, and people who own sizable investments take them seriously. And Jim Zumbo told everybody in the United States who owns an AR-15 that they could go fuck themselves. This did not turn out well for him. More recently, we've seen people get Zumboed in the gun industry and in the gay community; the founder of the cruising site Manhunt came in for some trouble after it came out that he'd donated to McCain/Palin 2008. This strikes me as an interesting and noteworthy political development, and so I made a post about it.

Well, it's not a grass-roots reaction any more. It's officially a political tactic now.

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