December 17th, 2008

cass groovy

Yuletide done(ish)! and the SHIELD, done

The problem with writing obscure fandoms is that you wind up having a hell of a time finding people to beta in said obscure fandoms. Yuletide admins managed to hook me up, and I'm waiting to hear back before I upload. But, yeah, done since Sunday afternoon. Hate me, all of you.

In other news: I caught up on the last season of THE SHIELD, and I have one question: why did nobody tell me that THE SHIELD's final end credit clips were set to a Concrete Blonde song? ("Long Time Ago," from WALKING IN LONDON.) You are all fired! It's almost never that I get a montage for which I actually recognize the music as soon as it starts. As for the finale itself, it didn't have anything even *close* to the ending I predicted way back in first season, probably because Shawn Ryan does not have my near-pathological obsession with symmetry.

The problem is that I now want THE SHIELD post-series something, be it a fic or a sequel, and I can't decide what I'd rather have.

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