January 1st, 2009

pointy teeth

the Yuletide 2008 reveal! (what I wrote, and my thoughts)

It's reveal time!

This was my first Yuletide, and I went a little nuts. I wrote five stories. Yuletide's word counts are a little off, for some reason, so all the word counts below are mine:

For curtana: "The Metal from the Stars" (John Bellairs - Lewis Barnavelt series: 8,628 words).

For catw00man: "Cinderella, Made of Steel" (TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES; 5,524 words).

For Fuschia: "A Good Swiss Watch" (RED RIVER: 2,741 words).

For Galadriel: "Aphasia" (APPALOOSA - book or movie: 2,434 words).

For anotherusedpage: "The Balls of the Bel" (Lois McMaster Bujold - Vorkosigan series: 2,917 words).

Total word count: 22,244. ...yeah.

I think three of these turned out very well. One probably could have used another rewrite, and one was utter crack. I don't think that's a bad batting average, especially when you consider that my fanfic output for 2008 has pretty much just been chatfic. And folks seemed to like all of them. None of them were anywhere near the most popular fic of this Yuletide, but they were all pretty well-received within their fandoms. Of course, in three cases, the stories I had written were the *only* stories in their fandoms, so there you go.

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