January 6th, 2009


a rare intemperate post

I don't post often on politics. In part, this is because fandom is my refuge; in part, this is because I differ from my friends on a wide variety of issues, and I'd rather talk about things that we have in common, or things many of y'all may not know about -- like, politics surrounding gun issues, because I know a lot of the people on my flist don't know any other gun owners, so I provide a point of view you guys may not be familiar with.

On December 30, there was an anti-Israeli demonstration in Fort Lauderdale. No big deal, right? One sees these things. (I remember some street theater on campus a while back when the local pro-Palestinian Arab group set up a mock Israeli checkpoint for students to go through, to demonstrate their view of those things; unfortunately, the campus police wouldn't allow *me* to go through it -- hey, man, it was a FAKE suicide bomber vest!) But this video had a moment that made my vision blur into a field of red. If you are so inclined, skip ahead to 3:25. You will see an attractive young woman. She is yelling at the Jewish counter-protestors.

This is what she is yelling:


I try to keep a very temperate tone in politics. Part of my rationale is that I think it's nyekulturny to wish the opposition to be drowned in fire. I had my flamewar days; I got tired of them. I also am mindful that gun owners are stereotyped as violent, crazed individuals, and that intemperate rhetoric from me only aides political opponents.

But let me just say this, as a calm, temperate statement of fact: I am perfectly willing to respect even raucous protests championing views I disagree with, but if I happen to be in the vicinity of one and there's somebody yelling that, then that person is losing teeth.

And right now, *I want that bitch's name.*

the good news for today

Remember how I mentioned that the site I'm working has a plethora of animals, from pigs to rabbits to snakes? Yesterday, when we untarped for the first time after the long weekend, the rabbit took off running.

But it left three little somethings behind.

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