January 12th, 2009


APED: "empty and aching and always alone"

Empty and Aching and Always Alone,
swallowed in sadness and stifling moans,
hoping that someday they'll nevermore roam,
Empty and Aching and Always Alone.

Happy and Healthy and Snug-in-the-Bed,
warm in the heart and wise in the head.
Safe and secure till the day that they're dead,
Happy and Healthy and Snug-in-the-Bed.

"As for me, God knows I tried."

I think that I am like most people in that there are some phrases that are guaranteed to at best annoy me, and at worst to make me think the speaker is an asshole. It is hard to say just what tops the list, but a major contender is "speaking truth to power."

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