January 15th, 2009

tony stark

APED: "i am a sensitive nice guy writing in free verse"

I am a sensitive Nice Guy
writing in free verse
because I can't bother to find a rhyme or meter
because I hurt
because I hurt
so very much
this poem will impress you with the sincerity of my pain
it will make you respect me
it will make you believe me
it will bring my ex-girlfriend back
it will cure all my sniffles and other ills
because words have the power to change the world
everybody says that so it must be true
and by everybody I mean writers
but that doesn't mean it's wrong
I mean, First Amendment, right?
not that I ever read the Constitution
or give much thought to what it means
because I have so much feeling to do
you would understand
if you were me
if you could feel like this
because nobody but me has ever suffered in the whole history of the world
it's not like you're real like me
not in any way that matters
only my feelings are important

because poetry isn't about ideas or other people or the universal human experience
it's about making yourself feel better and more important
and making other people see how much you hurt
and getting chicks
hot chicks
art chicks
with boobs
so really I don't care what you think about my poem
unless you are a chick
with boobs
but still
I will secretly refresh this page endlessly looking for comments
in the hope that just one more person liked it

so there