January 17th, 2009

cameron undone

APED: "last night i ate the moon"

Last night I ate the moon. I know
you loved its winter shine, so bright.
That makes me sorry. Even so,
it was delicious. And it felt right
to eat it. I went nice and slow.
I ate a little every night.

The moon was chewy, soft and cool.
I took small nibbles, week by week.
The taste like getting out of school,
walking barefoot in a creek,
a sculptor's hand and well-worn tool,
kisses to a baby's cheek.

And each night when I'd had my fill
I put it back, and walked along,
warm coat against the winter chill,
as if I'd done nothing wrong.
I got away with it, until
tonight. As I knew all along.

The new moon's past. It's waxing, so
it should move on its well-worn track.
It's gone away before, I know.
But now, this time, it won't come back.
cass groovy


Curiously, considering that DR. HORRIBLE'S SING-ALONG BLOG ate my flist for a bit when it premiered, I haven't seen anybody whose LJ I've been following comment on the recently-released DVD's musical commentary track.

And y'know, that's a shame. Because it's absolutely terrific, and totally worth buying the DVD for. I have the DR HORRIBLE soundtrack, and when they release the COMMENTARY! THE MUSICAL soundtrack, I'll buy that too. Because it's terrific. I honestly think it's musically superior to DR HORRIBLE. And it's the minor cast that steals the show. Best songs: Stacy Shirk (Groupie #2), with "Ten Dollar Solo" (so named because that's what she bribes Joss to get it; it's interrupted by Neil Patrick Harris, leading Shirk to sing, "What? This is my scene! / You're wonderful, Neil, / but Joss made me a deal --" and Harris to reply, "Suck it! I gave him fifteen!"); Zack Whedon, with "Zack's Rap," which goes exactly as gangsta as a Whedon boy can get away with (best bit: the intro, where Zack drops "Yeahs" and "Uh-huhs" over the bass line, in a Sean Combs kind of way, and gradually his monosyllables transition into something stranger: "Yes. Uh-huh. Um. I'm not sure. 2:33. Whatever's easiest." At which point Jed Whedon interjects, "Zack, get off the phone!" and Zack hangs up and starts rapping); and Maurissa Tancharoen's absolutely magnificent "Nobody's Asian in the Movies." Tancharoen and Shirk, both of whom have really gorgeous voices, are the real standouts of Commentary!, and "Nobody's Asian" is gloriously funny, pointed, and harsh:

I wrote all Penny's lines and her song, you know.
I even sang her part up on the demo.
But when it came time to cast the show,
did they want somebody yellow? Hell no.
Nobody's Asian in the movies. Nobody's Asian on TV.
If there is a part there for us, it's the groupie in the corner -- that's me.

Man. *BRUTAL.* I'm looking forward to seeing somebody vid this to FIREFLY.

I kind of wish Tancharoen had played Penny, actually: Felicia Day was good, but her voice is a little light, and at her one big solo number the musical just *stops.* OTOH, if Tancheroen had played Penny she'd be dead, so I couldn't wish for her to get a better part in the sequel. (Jonni Snow?)