January 24th, 2009

cameron thinky

I seem to be writing lots

It's not just the poetry. All of a sudden, it's as if my creative floodgates have opened wide. I'm getting ideas for all kinds of things, from fanfic to novels to plays or films, some of which I'm actually writing.

Today, however, I'll be clearing out my storage unit. Which I desperately need to do, so I won't be writing any of 'em. Still, it's rather boggling how stuff seems to come in floods sometimes, isn't it? Though you do have to wade through things to find out what you're actually going to *do.*
cass groovy


Ah, joy. Netflix just sent me THE BLOOD OF HEROES, and I watched it, and I am immensely happy again. Looking back, Rutger Hauer gives a *freaky* vibe in most of his movies (sometimes disturbingly so, as in the insane but oddly enjoyable -- well, for half its length, anyway -- SPLIT SECOND, in which Hauer appears to have seized on every opportunity to suck face with co-star Kim Cattrall, whether or not it was in the script), but it works really well in TBOH, which I still maintain is the best post-apocalyptic bloodsport movie ever made. It's got a great cast and crew: Hauer shares above-the-title billing with the ever-awesome and gorgeous Joan Chen, and their teammates in said post-apocalyptic bloodsport include Delroy freakin' Lindo and Vincent goddamn Donofrio. Plus the great Australian B-movie actor Max Fairchild shows up. AND it is written and directed by David Webb Peoples, who wrote a little Clint Eastwood flick called UNFORGIVEN.

This movie *must* be awesome, you think on hearing that. And it is. Okay, I admit that when I showed it to friends in college they shrugged and looked at me funny, but I also have friends to whom saying "Nobody carries the Dog-boy" conveys meaningful information about the speaker's emotional state. Hauer is Sallow, who used to be in the League and played The Game in the subterranean Nine Cities. An indiscretion with a noble lady -- he offended a lord -- saw him banished to the surface, where he played in the crappy little settlements called dogtowns. Here, he and his team encounter Kidda, played by Joan Chen. Kidda is a farmer's daughter obsessed with the sport of jugging, which she enjoys in large part because she likes hurting people. After a spirited match in which Sallow's team beats Kidda's, Kidda manages to join Sallow's team by the expedient of breaking her counterpart's leg and crippling him. (Said counterpart, the Dog-boy, turns down an offer to carry him after he can no longer stand, in words that ring through the ages: "No! Nobody carries the Dog-boy.") After beating the bejesus out of every dogtown team in sight, they head for the Red City, where they hope to challenge the big leaguers at their game.

...um. Did I mention that the point of this game is to grab a dog skull and put it on a pointed stake?

Anyway, I freakin' love this movie. It's one of my possibilities for Yuletide next year. As far as I know, there is no fanfic, but apparently there is now *an international league dedicated to the game depicted therein.* It is played with ersatz dog skulls and foam weapons. Fans. God love 'em.