January 31st, 2009

cameron's head

APED: "birthday wish"

I know the story. So sit near.
You don't know. But I do.
The birthday wish you get each year?
Well, mine always comes true.

I wished a pony. Named him "Fog."
(We ate him, raw and cold.)
One year I wished a puppydog.
(Now he fights off the wolves.)

I'm thirteen now. So I'm a man.
I asked a pretty girl --
she said she'd come. She's oh, so tan.
I'd wish for her the world.

She went off to the beach instead.
She lied. She didn't come.
It made me very, very mad --
So I wished off the sun.

It's cold and dark and worse each night.
And there's no moon. Because
no sun. It can't reflect sunlight.
It just blocks out the stars.

But don't you worry. Never fear.
I'll wish it on again.
I've got another wish next year.
If we survive till then.