February 12th, 2009

catwoman and holly

APED: "erica quimby maria mcrae"

Erica Quimby Maria McRae is thinking of killing herself today.
She thinks the matter through, quite carefully,
and decides to put strychnine into her tea.
But the chemist is out, and so is the shop,
and every place where she happens to stop.
She thinks they know. They say with a smile,
"Sorry! We won't get it in for a while."
So Erica Quimby Maria McRae lives to die another day.

Erica Quimby Maria McRae decides she'll go swimming and drown in the bay.
She'll go down once, twice -- and then be no more.
She eats her last lunch -- what a treat! -- on the shore.
And walks to the waves. The dark water nears.
But as she steps into it gently, she hears
her dead mother's voice, in her head now repeating:
"You can't go in now, not so soon after eating!"
So Erica Quimby Maria McRae lives to die another day.

Erica Quimby Maria McRae is planning her funeral out today.
She'll die on a Thursday; the weekend is free.
Her plot's on the sunniest side of the tree.
But the forecaster says it'll rain for a week.
And though it appears that she's outwardly meek
Deep down inside, she's quietly vain.
She'd never be buried out in the rain.
So Erica Quimby Maria McRae lives to die another day.

Erica Quimby Maria McRae died in old age in her house today.
Not how you think. But not naturally.
She was run down by a streetcar, you see.
That was last Tuesday. She lingered in pain.
(Which she was used to; it wasn't a strain.)
An accident! Odd! If she'd known she'd have scoffed.
But somehow each plan she had never came off.
One thing or another just got in the way -- like Erica Quimby Maria McRae.
cass groovy


I have a gazillion things to do.

So, of course, I am writing a FRIDAY THE 13TH movie script that could never sell but I'm doing it purely because it's fun. MY LIFE, how I procrastinate in it.

(Yeah, I'm going to go see the new one. Yeah, I'm officially rooting for Jason. LIKE ALWAYS.)
cass groovy

my constitutional weakness

I am currently SORELY tempted by the Kindle 2.

I like the dimensions of Sony's Reader better, but the ability to access blogs and newspapers on the Kindle has seriously tipped the scale in its favor. I've been seriously considering an ebook reader for a while, as I've been doing huge amounts of business travel of late, with a lot of riding in cars, and it'd be glorious to not have to figure out if I've packed enough books for the trip. This is, as all serious bookhounds know, a real problem. A Kindle would take up way less space. And the new text-to-speech thing is pretty damn sweet, too.

Anybody else seriously considering one? I got to check out a Kindle 1 belonging to a friend of badmagic's, and I thought it was pretty neat. I didn't have as much practical use for one then, though.