February 16th, 2009


APED: "ch-ch-ch-ch, ho-ho-ho-ho"

He never sees the winter snow. No one comes here then.
And so he waits, waits on, below, and thinks of them again,
those who ignored him, or, much worse, pretended they were friends --
He's never talked much. Always terse. He's more so since the end.
He doesn't care to think about the way things were before.
It's better now. He has no doubt. And yet there's something more.
He misses it. His mother, yes -- he loved her, through and through,
but now he finds himself obsessed with something that they'd do.
Not that often. Once a year. It had a name, he knows.
For one day, he would have no fear, just -- joy, he must suppose.
They'd put the tree up, wind the lights. At night he'd lie below,
beneath so he could see up, and sleep beneath the glow,
and wake up to the presents -- few and poor, they were, that's true,
and mother's song of peasants feasting to the king of Jews.
He wonders if they have it still, up there. If they forgot.
They'd forget him, but then he kills again. And so he's not.
It's long years since he's seen a sled. Or taken one to hand.
Were the runners sharp, now? He forgets. Could one kill a man?
Could ice skates cut a woman's throat? How could he use a tree?
Or a red, white-fur-trimmed coat? He wishes he could see.
He'd string them up with colored lights. Carol with their screams.
He does it sometimes, late at night, but only in his dreams.
The lake will freeze. He waits below, till comes the time to wake,
and never sees the snow that falls above on Crystal Lake.
cass groovy

I would be scared to do this

Short shameful confession: I have never done jack with RSS readers. I do everything the old web browser way. (I'm very conservative technologically, in some ways; until about four years ago, the web browser I used most often was lynx.) But since I caved and pre-ordered a Kindle 2, I'm looking into using RSS feeds with it. Kindlefeeder looks like it's about to become my new best friend; I plan on paying to subscribe to some newspapers and blogs, because Amazon makes that very convenient and reasonably affordable, and I believe that such a wonderful service should make gobs of money. But there are lots of things I follow that aren't subscribable by Amazon. Which makes Kindlefeeder glorious -- it lets you build your RSS feeds and then *wirelessly delivers the content to your Kindle automatically.* There's another service, called Feedbooks, that does something similar, but you have to trigger it manually; this one, you can set to pick up your feeds at a specific time every day, and you've got tons of stuff to read whenever you're ready to go. This promises to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

But this isn't a Kindle post -- they're not delivering the thing for at least another week. No, this is a post of terror: I was looking around for RSS-related stuff, and found a blog post by a marketing guy who uses Google Reader to keep up with his RSS feeds. What's terrifying? GOOGLE READER KEEPS STATS. He knows how many articles he's read, starred, emailed, what days of the week he's read the most, what *times of day* he's read the most -- it's truly frightening. Mostly because I shrink in terror at the thought of what my stats would look like. Oh, God, the shame.

writing update

The novel is in limbo for the time being -- having, as I do, actual *work* -- but my evening writing hours are being spent on the Friday the 13th fan script. I'm shooting for a hundred pages, and I'm about halfway through at this point. Verily, bodies are falling. It's surprisingly fun to write, though I'm not sure if the result will work out, as it's a very different take from the previous films and the recent remake. (For one thing, it's Undead!Jason, rather than Hillbilly!Jason, because that's the Jason Voorhees *I* grew up with, dammit.) I think the pacing of the kills, in particular, may require some reworking -- rather than a pure "Jason slaughters nubile teens" approach, I'm making it in some respects more of a psychological thriller, which is a real departure. Not that Jason isn't slaughtering nubile teens; he totally is, left and right, but a large part of it is about how people, one person in particular, deal with Jason's slaughtering nubile teens left and right. Basically, I'm taking a standard Friday the 13th scenario and dropping a big character actor part into the middle of it. But that means that there's more time before kills, and more time between kills, at least early on, which may not play all that well in a Friday the 13th story. Have to take these things into consideration, you know.

The big accomplishment today: I've written in my friends Denise and Ash, cruelly depicted them as sex-crazed morons, and had them gruesomely killed by Jason. It's a tribute to the depth of their love. Really.
doc savage

oh, expletive deleted!

I was bumming around the web, as I do, when I saw possibly the single most awesome collectible I have ever seen. Maybe not for you, but for me, for my fandoms, this is my new Holy Grail. I did not even know it existed until today.

It is a bronze statue by Joe Devito of Doc Savage fighting a python.

This is it.

It seems to me to be based on one of the Bama covers -- THE THOUSAND-HEADED MAN, maybe? But HOLY CRAP is that gorgeous. Graphitti Designs put it out as a limited-as-hell edition in the 1990s, which was before I was plugged into or even cognizant of the collectibles market. And it is, I think, the single most beautiful collectible sculpture I have ever seen. For anything of which I have ever been a fan. I used to think that the Randy Bowen bust of Doc Savage -- also Graphitti; there was an actual bronze run that I could not even remotely afford at the time -- was my number-one Doc Savage want. NO MORE. THIS IS NOW THE HEAD OF THE LINE.

The killer: I immediately started trying to find one, to see how many organs I would have to sell whether I could sell Girl Scouts into slavery for one any were out there, and I found out that somebody had managed to buy one last year. At MegaCon. In Orlando.

Which I seriously considered going to, but then said, "Nah."

AUGH. I would have pounced on that thing IN A HEARTBEAT.

Great score for the guy who got it, though. Here are some pictures of his. AND IF I EVER FIND OUT WHERE HIS HOUSE IS --

Um. Excuse me, I have to go roll around in fannish jealousy for a while.

(Last Dragon*Con, however, I did get Andy Runton to draw me Owly as Doc Savage. With Wormy and Scruffy as Ham and Monk, respectively. This is good for the soul.)

ETA: Oh, God. No sooner do I say the Randy Bowen Doc bronze is no longer my holy grail, then one shows up on Ebay.

Folks, excuse me, I'll be over here looking at my budget and whimpering.

Also ETA: I called Graphitti Designs and asked 'em about the piece -- I knew they didn't have any, but I was curious about its history and numbers. Turns out it's not actually a bronze; it's coldcast porcelain with a very good faux bronze finish. They sold out quickly, because Graphitti only made 295 of them fifteen years ago. Which means I am never, ever, *ever* going to find one. Because I can't imagine any Doc Savage fan in his right mind giving one up. Sigh.