March 23rd, 2009

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poetry request line, again!

Poetry request line worked out pretty well this past week, so let's do it again! Give me a subject, and I'll try to write a poem about it. One comment per person, one subject per comment. If you got a poem for your subject this week, you don't get to ask again. NEW BLOOD, I wants it.

ETA: OK! Let's cap it at fourteen; that'll keep me busy for a couple of weeks. If you see fourteen comments, wait till next time...
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SCC: "today is the day"

"Today is the Day, parts 1 and 2"
by Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz
rating: ***1/2

And that's why I keep coming back. THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES may succeed or fail come renewal time, but you can't deny the show never gives up. There are missteps and occasional stinkers, but when SCC is on, it's really on. Living up to James Cameron's action-adventure is an impossible standard for a TV show, so the solution is: *don't try to do that.* In "Today is the Day," a future war scene includes a sailor bitching about the chess game John Connor's playing against the machines. And that's exactly right; I blinked when I heard it, because I've been thinking about it in exactly those terms ever since the writers introduced that great idea about the future constantly being overwritten by different factions. SCC is not an action movie. It's a chess game. We just don't know all the colors, or how many players there are. And when SCC is about chess-playing, it works.

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