April 10th, 2009


Oh, look, an anti-gun media article

Dear ABC, if you're going to do something like this, please, please, please pick me next time. Five thousand dollars to go shopping at a gun show for an hour? That's not investigative journalism; that's a game show on the Outdoor Network!

They're doing a story about what's called by the media and the anti-gun folks the "gun show loophole." So, as a cheap stunt, they got the relative of a VA Tech survivor, who's now an anti-gun activist, and gave him five grand and an hour to buy all the guns he could at a gun show, where, the article breathlessly claims, "Anyone can buy a gun from a private dealer with no background check and no questions asked."

Okay, lemme explain how this works: the term "private dealer" is an oxymoron. You know, kind of like "honest journalism." Being a gun dealer is like being pregnant. You are or you're not. Gun dealers are federally licensed. Private sellers are just regular folks like you and me. It's like Primetime calling you a private automobile dealer when all you did was sell your old car. The reason this is called the "gun show loophole" is that it's an effort to muddy the waters. If you buy a gun from a dealer at a gun show, you go through the same procedure as if you'd bought it in his shop. Private sales at gun shows are exactly like private sales elsewhere; there are just more of them, for obvious reasons. Think about it: you own a gun that you don't want anymore, or need to get rid of because your car needs some work and you need the money. Nobody you know personally is interested in buying it, and if you take it to a dealer you're going to get well below the value, because gun dealers have employees and light bills to pay. Hmmm. What to do? Oh, man, if only there were a place that you could be guaranteed to find a large audience of potential buyers, people who like guns and have enough cash in their pockets to buy them from you for the actual value of your firearm or close to it. Where, oh, where could you find such a halcyon place?

....ding ding ding; you got it in one.

Incidentally, the VA Tech perpetrator bought his guns perfectly legally from a dealer and passed the background check.

taxes: AUGH

So, last year was my first doing consulting work. As I was new to the whole thing and started partway through the year, I didn't get the taxes right, so I have a hefty bill this year. Ugh. But wait, it gets better! I also have to pay the first quarter's worth of my taxes on April 15.

Which comes out to about the same thing as the aforementioned bill from *last* year.

So, um. Yeah.

Fortunately the exchequer remains healthy, and I have an invoice that's about to go out, but still, HOLY CRAP.