April 19th, 2009



The latest big push for anti-gun legislation is in the form of a bunch of news articles blaming the United States for Mexican crime. It's been going on for a couple of years now, in various forms. At first they mentioned the Barrett .50 BMG rifle and the FN Five-seveN (the Five-seveN is never mentioned by name, only as "a handgun capable of defeating body armor," with no mention that to pull off that little stunt you need to be using ammunition that, um, *isn't available on the civilian market*). Most gun nuts figured that the ATF was promoting this line; the scarier guns are, the bigger ATF's budget gets. More recently, the press started running articles about seizures in Mexico of crime guns that originated in the United States; the problem with these articles is that they would invariably list stuff recovered along with the guns, like, oh, say, *grenades.* Here is an exercise, folks; walk into a gun shop and ask to buy some grenades, and when they are done laughing at you they will probably tell you to sit down while they call the ATF.

The WASHINGTON POST has just taken media gun illiteracy to new heights, and I'll tell you about it later in this post.

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I am now at Dreamwidth! As hradzka, natch. I figure, I'm the only person in the history of the internet who's used this username, so I might as well keep it up.

Mind you, I'm doing precisely jack with it at the moment, and have yet to get around with transferring stuff, but hey, man, I'm there.
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APED: "things I been"

I been around, man, been around,
I been up and down the town,
I been lost and I been found,
I been flyin' and on the ground,
I been free and I been bound,
I been to sea and run aground,
I been clocked in, and out, and wound,
I been unknown and been renowned,
But most of all, I been profound.
Dig the stuff that I propound,
I'll speak up, let my voice resound,
with thoughts that puzzle and confound,
and words of grace that will astound,
so listen close as I expound,
ears hangin' on my every sound,
let your wonderment compound,
as you behold my stomping ground,
and all the gardens that surround,
and if you think my thoughts unsound,
you'll witness greatness that's unbound --
now come on, girl. Let's fool around.