April 20th, 2009

cass groovy

an item of considerable importance

(Also, a test of cross-posting.)

No sooner do I arrive on Dreamwidth than I am hit with a great and important revelation. Dreamwidth suffers from a major deficiency. What's more, it's a deficiency that Livejournal doesn't possess.

The lack of a nickname.

(What are you looking at me like that for I AM DEADLY SERIOUS REALLY.)

LJ is LJ. Simple, quick, to the point, easy to say in conversation as "Ell-jay." Dreamwidth -- yeah, you can abbreviate it DW, but if you try to say that out loud you find it's a nickname that's got twice as many syllables as the original. Also, if you try to use it in conversation, it sounds awkward, because of the lack of the word "journal." "I saw it on her Dreamwidth!" sounds odd, but if you qualify it, it just gets longer! We urgently need a cure for cancer, a good five-cent cigar, and a STAR WARS film George Lucas has absolutely nothing to deal with, but we also need a shorter way to say, "I saw that on her Dreamwidth journal." My suggestion: Dee-dub. "Oh, yeah, it's on her Dee-dub."

As George Carlin said, "These are the things I think about when I'm home at night and the power goes out."

(ETA: Hey, the crosspost works! Let's see about editing crossposts!)
cass groovy

some stats

So I just checked the DW stats page, and wow:

* Female 3422 (87.1%)
* Male 414 (10.5%)
* Other 94 (2.4%)
* Unspecified 2546


I know that most of the folks on Dreamwidth are coming from LJ, and that LJ's a hugely female space, but *man alive* that's a gap!

(Admitted men! Each of us must now be more than eight times as manly as usual! For my part, I will talk about guns a lot and scratch myself.)

(Of course, women do that, too.)

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