April 21st, 2009

sledge hammer!

short shameful confession

I make no secret of the fact that I really hate shipping. I mean, *really* hate it. I have an intense dislike of the way fandom so often takes characters and ignores all the other interesting things they could do in order to focus entirely on their sex lives. Even the stuff that tries to reveal character through porn basically does nothing for me. What's worse, the attitude can affect canon, too. I believe that shipping ruined THE X-FILES and X-FILES fandom; I think shipping sank BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER; I give Harry Potter fandom the widest berth possible, and I think that relentless shipping in general is a drag on fandom and especially on fanfic. THIS I BELIEVE, etc.

That said: I ship this so fucking hard.

(Get in there, Robin, dammit!)

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cass groovy

More thoughts on Dreamwidth

I tried the restricted-commenting thing as a curiosity, forgot I had it on, and realized it was deeply annoying. And incredibly inconvenient, for people who'd like to comment on something. It'd be useful if you were pulling up stakes entirely, but you can't do that when the thing's in closed beta.

The one really annoying thing so far? Gmail not filtering comments into different threads. Apparently Gmail has to fix this, but in the meantime, you need to put in headers in your comments to keep that from happening. But nobody remembers to do that. Might be nice if, when you went to post a comment, the subject line was automatically filled by "re: (ORIGINAL TITLE OF POST)." I think I'll find the appropriate place and suggest that! Though I'm sure a bunch of people have by now.

APED: "nonsense"

If you wander down the wrong way down a winding one-way street
and you mind your mildest manners to the myriad men you meet,
and you sing a song so silly someone starts to sing along,
then you'll wonder where you've wandered to -- and was it really wrong?

If you putter past a perfect path pretending you're a peer,
and the emerging Earl of Everengdon echoes in your ear
and seven seasick sappers sight a savvy sailor's smile,
then wander where you wandered once. It might be worth your while.