May 1st, 2009

cass groovy

Dreamwidth codes

I have five Dreamwidth invite codes! Comment below if you want one. Comments are screened and I have to go out shortly, so results probably won't go out until this afternoon.

ETA: All gone, all fum, no more! (As my father used to say.) PMs sent to those who got 'em. Sorry I ran out before getting all of you.
catwoman and holly

the new TRANSFORMERS trailer

"Hello, I am Megan Fox's ass. This movie features me in close-fitting shorts bent over a motorcycle. That is all you fanboys really need to know, but here are explosions and big robots, too."

I mean, not that I'm opposed to Megan Fox's ass on constitutional grounds, but that one shot is kind of like watching a Greg Land panel come to life. Wonder when we'll see him lightbox it.
beret guy

APED: "willoughby brown"

What did you do to young Willoughby Brown?
His breeches are torn and the waist's sagging down.
His shirt is all filthy and he's lost his shoes,
and he's lost an ear, which most boys never lose,
he's covered in grime and he smells like a sty,
and he's missing three teeth and he's missing an eye,
but he's still got a smile that's half his head 'round --
what did you do to young Willoughby Brown?